The ‘Saying Speech Sounds’ Speech Screen in not a formal assessment of speech sounds. It is a means of recording what a child says at the time of completing the screen when saying single words and may not be representative of how clearly, or otherwise, the child sounds in conversation. The Speech Screen does give a snapshot of what sounds the child says accurately and inaccurately at the time of the screening when saying the single words.

There are three screens.

  • Screen One is for use when the child is 3.6yrs to 4.5yrs.
  • Screen Two is for use when the child is 4.6yrs to 5.5yrs.
  • Screen Three is for use if the child is unable to accurately say the speech sound in the word during Screen One or Screen Two. Screen Three enables the adult to see if the child can produce the speech sound in simple nonsense syllables when a model is provided.

The outcomes on the three screens allows the adult to determine whether a child can progress to the ‘Saying Speech Sounds’ Speech Program or the ‘Saying Speech Sounds’ Listening Program.

Information is also provided about when the adult should refer directly to a Speech Pathologist.