Saying Speech Sounds

I am thrilled to be announcing this exciting new service available to support you assist any child in your school or class with a mild speech difficulty.

‘Saying Speech Sounds’ is keen to hear from you via email at: (or use our contact form) to let us know of any way that we can help make your life easier if you have a child with mild speech difficulties.

As an experienced Speech Pathologist, I have found that children’s speech errors improved most when their school, teacher and parents were actively involved with the child’s Speech Pathologist.

Having a coordinated approach with skilled, trained teachers and education assistants meant many children could be appropriately supported.

An additional spin-off being in the area of phonological awareness and therefore reading and spelling skills down the track.

Common developmental speech errors for children starting Kindy are substituting:

/k/ > /t/ (‘cat’ said as ‘tat’)

/g/ > /d/(‘go’ said as ‘doe’)

/f/ > /b/ (‘fish’ said as ‘bish’)

/l/ > /w/ (‘leg’ said as ‘weg’)

/sh/ > /s/ (‘ship’ said as ‘sip’).

Children can have more speech errors, but by 3:6 they should be mastering /k/,/g/,/f/ and /l/ and /sh/ by 4:6. If you have any concerns with a child’s speech difficulties  or questions, please email me at:

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