ZZ5F9A387FThe ‘Saying Speech Sounds’ Listening programs are suitable for all children with or without speech errors, whether they require support from a Speech Pathologist or not.

The ‘Saying Speech Sounds’ Listening programs support the development of Phonological Awareness skills. They assist a child to recognise the speech sound at the

beginning of a word. (Important when learning to say a new speech sound, read and/or spell).

The programs contain many exciting sound awareness activities with easier steps provided to support the child if needed.


Purchase the following listening programs:

  • /k/ – /t/
  • /g/ – /d/
  • /f/ – /b/
  • /l/ – /w/
  • /s/ – /sh/
  • /s/ – /th/
  • /sh/ – /s/
  • /r/ – /w/
  • /th/ -/f/