ZZ54916241Gillian Penman

Senior Speech Pathologist, B. APP. Sc. (Speech and Hearing)

Gillian Penman is an experienced Speech Pathologist who has worked with Parents, Teachers, Schools and other Allied Health Professionals, such as Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists, to support children with speech and/or language and literacy difficulties. She is a strong supporter of early intervention and making available support for those who are assisting children.

Gillian firmly believes that children should be provided speech, language, and literacy support before they attend school, and in the first few years of schooling and regardless of whether the child has mild difficulties or complex issues. It is important NOT TO WAIT. She is passionate about making available information to parents and carers of children to assist/support a child’s speech, language or literacy skills. A child’s greatest development and learning occurs in the years before school and in the early school years. The better the language skills, the more speech sounds a child can say accurately, and the stronger the building blocks for literacy, then the child has a greater likelihood of being successful with reading, spelling and education in later years.

This is why Gillian has written the ‘Saying Speech Sounds’ programs and is delighted to make them available to you with the wonderful and original drawings that have been produced by Jan Bell.


ZZ6F0F1585Jan Bell

Diploma of Teaching, Graduate Diploma (Art Education)

Jan has had extensive experience as a speech and language consultant and educator. She initiated an interagency project between the Department of Health and the Department of Education in the South West of Western Australia.

Through this project Jan and Gillian facilitated the early identification of children starting school who were at risk in the areas of speech and/or language. This project was recognised when Jan and Gillian were asked to share their interagency model at an international convention in Brisbane in 2004. This collegiate relationship and passion to facilitate early identification of children rather than remediation, saw Jan’s support for Gillian in the completion of her ‘Saying Speech Sounds’ listening and speech programs.

With a busy life, and a full teaching workload, Jan has enjoyed the relaxation of creating the illustrations for Gillian’s’ Speech and Listening programs.