‘Saying Speech Sounds’  provides Speech programs which can be implemented by Teachers, Education Assistants and Parents following a training workshop. The workshops ensure the programs are implemented correctly. The speech programs have clear, simple instructions which make the programs easy to follow.

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Saying Speech Sounds‘ provide Listening programs which are suitable for all children, with or without speech errors.  They may be implemented while waiting to see a Speech Pathologist or waiting for a speech pathology program. They also assist children’s development of Phonological Awareness skills and sound identification.

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Free Speech Screens are available to assist you to mainly identify the speech sounds a child 3.6 – 6 years may need assistance in learning. The earlier speech errors are identified, appropriate and timely speech programs and referrals can be arranged. Screens will be provided following your workshop.

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Workshops are an integral component of the Saying Speech Sounds program. It is critical that the adult knows how to say the Speech Sounds correctly. The practical nature of the workshops will provide essential experience with how to implement the program in a “real” setting with children. During the workshops we will model how learning “speech sounds” can be integrated into whole class/small group Phonological Awareness activities. Speech programs will only be provided to parents and teachers who have completed the training workshops. To book a workshop email info@speechsounds.com.au. Country participants can attend via an online webinar from home or school.

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